Teshia faced fear when she found out she was unexpectedly pregnant, shortly after getting engaged. She had been told she would never be able to have children and would never be able to carry to term. So she immediately started looking for support, and found Envisage. Teshia talks about the difference the support and childbirth classes made to her …

“I went from being completely scared, to prepared.”

Teshia had many medical complications throughout the pregnancy, and ended up needing to be in hospital. She describes the process as very difficult, and says the support system really saved her mental state through the process.  Teshia’s mother wanted to support her through the journey, but she describes not knowing how to best help her daughter, without stepping on toes, so she also accessed support at Envisage to learn. Teshia talks about the difference Envisage made to her confidence in parenting:

 “I don’t think I would be the mom that I am, if I had not had that … they give me a whole level of confidence that I would not have without the centre.”