Before I visited Envisage I felt alone and scared as a first-time mom who was told I wasn’t able to get pregnant.

After visiting Envisage, I felt like I was on top of the world and that I was no longer alone or scared. They made me feel like I was important and that no matter what, I always had someone to be there in my corner.

At Envisage I have learned that no matter how many times you fail you always pick yourself back up. I have also learned that no matter how many mistakes I make as a parent, my child will always appreciate and love me. I have learned to do many amazing things through Envisage and I can’t wait to share some with family and friends or to anyone that is expecting. They changed my life and my daughter’s for the best! And every time we [Envisage team] speak and see each other I am always learning new things and new ways to deal with a lot … and on top of that, learning to be the best mom.

Without the support of Envisage, I would still be scared and feeling alone.

The staff at Envisage are extremely amazing ladies who are very passionate about the well-being and care of the ladies and babies. Always meets you with a smile and is always so full of love and life. Absolutely amazing caring wonderful ladies.

Thank you to all the wonderful ladies here at Envisage for being absolutely amazing. And honestly without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. They have changed my life and my daughters for the better and I highly – and I mean highly – recommend them to anyone who is going through a difficult time and just needs someone in their corner.