When Daniella and Augustine found out they were pregnant, they were new to Canada and faced unique challenges as they considered their pregnancy options. Augustine shares…

“We were in shock, totally…We were in a new place. It was really tough for us.”

Daniella and Augustine met with a pregnancy centre in North York and found support as they considered their options, but then they had to move to Barrie and were looking for a place to be supported more locally. Daniella shares about the North York centre…

“It was like a peaceful space where we could talk and they helped us. They told us what options we had with an unexpected pregnancy.”

Daniella and Augustine needed a new safe space. They were alone and moving away from one of the few supports they had by moving away from the North York pregnancy centre. When they moved to Barrie and connected with the BPRC, they found the local support they were looking for…

“They helped us. They showed us options. They always support us.”

“We are really grateful about that, because we were alone…” 

Watch the video below to hear more about Daniella and Augustine’s story.

“We were alone and they were like our family here.”

“They won’t judge… they will support you.”

Watching Daniella and Augustine have the courage to share Liam’s birth with their parents so far away from home, and to see their family come together in supporting this couple has been such a privilege. We are honoured to have watched this couple overcome obstacles together and become such incredible parents.