“I feel so alone”

Aloneness is one of the most common feelings described by women facing unplanned pregnancy when they first visit Barrie Pregnancy Resource Centre. Sometimes women feel alone because they are undecided about whether to continue a pregnancy and do not yet want to share the news with family or friends. Having a partner who has a different opinion about whether to continue a pregnancy can also feel very isolating.┬áSome women facing unplanned pregnancy may not only “feel” alone, but they might actually “be” alone, with no healthy supportive relationships.

Having a place to connect … with caring, non-judgmental supports, who provide practical help when it’s needed … makes a difference.

In this video, clients of Barrie Pregnancy Resource Centre share about how the centre’s support impacted their lives …



All of us need connection with other people – we are created that way!

And healthy, supportive connections help us function in healthier ways.

Barrie Pregnancy Resource Centre is a place of supportive “connection” for those who would otherwise be alone as they face unplanned pregnancy or pregnancy related difficulty.