When Barrie Pregnancy Resource Centre launched the idea to open a second location, we did so with families like these ones in mind.

When Cole found out that Jodie was pregnant, he describes his feelings by saying…

“It was like an atomic bomb just dropped on me… I was not ready for it.”

Elysia describes her first reaction to finding out she was pregnant saying…

“I was terrified…”

Both of these families and so many others were facing overwhelming emotions and circumstances when they first walked into the centre… but we are so glad their stories didn’t end there.

Jodie was so strong overcoming hurdles as she began searching out her true feelings and sorting out how to express them. We were so honoured to walk alongside her as she found her voice and watch Jodie and Cole grow closer together as a couple through honest discussions.

“I felt like I couldn’t talk about certain things with people because I didn’t want to be judged but the centre was always a place I could go to and they wouldn’t judge me and they would help me no matter what.”

Elysia was so determined to find a way forward in the midst of overwhelming odds. We have been thrilled to journey with her through her pregnancy and parenting journey.

Two families. Two different stories. Two examples of the impact of sharing that there is always hope.