Tracey and Christopher were feeling anxious and unprepared for birth and parenting. They visited Envisage for support and some direction with their planning.

Tracey describes …

“When we first came to Envisage we were welcomed with open arms. There was no judgement.  We were very, very comfortable, from the moment we walked in.”

Through Envisage, they accessed classes to prepare for birth and parenting. They also accessed counselling which helped them with their communication.

Even when things didn’t go as planned with the birth of their son, the support they received at Envisage helped them know that things would be ok.

Tracey describes parenting as “the most rewarding, most challenging thing I’ve ever done.”

And they joy on Christopher’s face is so clear as he explains how his life has changed for better … “Now its all about my wife and son.”

Our Envisage team feels so privileged to be a small part of their wonderful story!