Before I visited Envisage I felt a great amount of fear and stress. I was in a position where I couldn’t share the excitement of my pregnancy because of the strict morals and views my grandparents profoundly expressed.

After I connected with Envisage I felt support and a lot less alone – as though it was ok to be happy and that I indeed should be. I feel as though I had and still have a strong supporting team of women behind me at all times.

“I felt support and a lot less alone”

Without Envisage I’m not really sure I would have been able to make the most out of my pregnancy. Envisage helped me identify my values and own worth. Envisage helped me love myself a little more. If a friend were to ask me if they should visit Envisage I would strongly recommend them. I often find myself recommending other women on Facebook groups as well as women at Next Step to contact Envisage.

All the staff at Envisage are strong, understanding, amazing, beautiful on the inside and out, but most of all, they’re unconditionally non-judgemental.

To everyone who supports Envisage I want to say “Thank you”.