One of the many blessings of the centre being open for more than 10 years, is seeing some of the longer-term outcomes in lives of the amazing women we’ve been privileged to journey with. Sylvia is one of those ladies! This is her story …

I came from a home of abuse. At age twenty-one I was pregnant with very limited support and found myself at the doors of the Barrie Pregnancy Resource Centre, and immediately after entering I felt a wave of relief. The staff were friendly and understanding and able to provide the tough love I needed to push through my fear of being a young mom with a history with Children’s Aid. They were there for me when I needed information that would propel me from being a nervous wreck to a confident individual who would later be able to cope with anything related to being a parent; but I was never left to fight these battles alone. The lovely women were there to talk relationships, daily routines and help me sort through my emotions without a hint of judgement.

Sylvia’s Daughter

During my interactions with the Pregnancy Resource Center there was a period of time where I was conflicted within an abusive relationship with my partner. I was reminded of my self worth and my ability to rely on the staff for emotional support when I made my final step to leave him. Not once did I feel judged nor did the staff treat me any differently after learning the facts of the abuse with full knowledge that my poor judgement played a huge roll in the situation.

I am now the mother of a healthy, happy 2 year old with no Children’s Aid involvement; with a career I enjoy and a home I can call my own. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have made it to where I am today without the words this group of ladies have shared with me. The center is a place of love and compassion. This is easily felt by those of us who have spoken to the wonderful group of ladies who dedicate their time to laugh with us and cry with us. It saddens me that life has taken me to a different city where I am no longer physically able to walk into the centre and see these lovely faces, but everything is looking up and there are great things ahead. My heart is full, knowing after all this time, they are still excited to receive updates. It brings me such joy that people who were once strangers are proud of my accomplishments, that they are over the moon to see how much I have grown as a human being and a parent.

This place was my rock during an incredibly rough time in my life, and I would like to thank every single person who has supported me and the centre, from the bottom of my heart.