COVID has changed so much about how we all live. At Envisage we are still offering the same services we have in the past, but we are providing them in new ways, to keep our community safe.


If someone is in need of a pregnancy test, we can arrange for the delivery or pick up of a test, in a no-contact way, and still provide emotional support over phone or text, while the test is being taken.


We know that facing an unexpected pregnancy during the COVID pandemic can add another layer of challenge or fear to what may have already been a difficult situation. So we are ready to provide a listening ear and support by e-mail, text, phone or virtual meeting.


In the past few weeks, we have continued to provide childbirth classes virtually. And last week, for the first time, one of our Envisage doulas provided virtual support to a family during childbirth.  Here is a picture of the sweet baby born to these lovely parents.



We are so grateful for every person, family, business and church that makes our services possible.


And we are so humbled and grateful for each person who courageously reaches out to us for support. It is an honour to hear your story and to help you carry some of your burden during this challenging time.