When I found out I was pregnant, it came as a surprise to us both. With a global pandemic emerging and neither of us working, the thing we had been trying for for months and decided to take a break from, had finally arrived. We didn’t know it then, but Envisage would be a light helping us through the unchartered waters to come.

They supported me by providing maternity clothes I couldn’t have afforded, or even found, due to the covid restrictions.

We joined parenting classes facilitated through the centre, where we met our amazing doula.

Not only did her classes help us feel more prepared, but our doula helped me build a better relationship with my Christianity.

“Envisage would be a light
helping us through the unchartered waters”


My doula was able to make sure that as someone who had previous traumas, my birth was empowering and beautiful and not another trauma.

I’m so grateful to the centre and the support they have shown my husband, son and me throughout this incredible journey. I can’t imagine going through this alone, and as someone without support within a three-hour radius, Envisage has been an absolute blessing.