Thank you for supporting Steps for Hope! Watch our LAUNCH VIDEO HERE!

Steps for Hope

Every journey begins with one step… at Envisage, we come alongside those facing difficult pregnancy situations and give them the space to imagine what their next steps look like with hope to expect something good.   This fall, we are asking our supporters to take their own steps towards hope!

On October 17th, join supporters across the Barrie and South Georgian Bay area in a virtual 5km walk taking Steps for Hope for Envisage. We want to show the families and individuals who come to Envisage that they are not alone and that there are people in our communities who walk with them and want them to find hope in the midst of their journey. Come together with us and walk with us on this journey to hope.


  1. Register as a walking individual or team.
  2. Ask your family, friends and community to donate towards your fundraising goal for Envisage.
  3. Walk 5km with us in your own neighbourhood or favourite green space on October 17th at 10am (or at an alternate date or time that work for you!)

$4000 to go!$30000$26000

Thank you for helping us to take steps towards our goal of raising $30,000 towards offering hope to families facing unplanned pregnancies or pregnancy related difficulty in our communities!

Fundraising Ideas

Options Support

When a person finds out they are facing a challenging pregnancy situation, they might be aware of their options (abortion, adoption, and parenting), but they may not be able to picture how each option might look in their own life. Often individuals and families are able to see that they are not alone and there is hope in the midst of their circumstances if they are just given the space to be heard. It costs approximately $50 to provide one of these first times options visits to an individual or couple. By raising $500, you will help to provide this support to approximately 10 individuals or couples in need of a confidential and safe place to take steps towards hope.

Ongoing Support

It takes approximately $1000 to provide support from the first meeting for one year of a family’s journey. By fundraising $5000, you can help to provide approximately one year’s worth of options information, emotional support, material resources, community connections, childbirth education classes, doula support and postpartum care for 5 families!

Childbirth Classes

It takes approximately $250 to provide a course of 8 childbirth education classes to one family of Envisage. By raising $2500, you are enabling Envisage to provide approximately 10 families with classes to help prepare them for labour, delivery and newborn care with special considerations for those who have histories of trauma. These classes can make all the difference in whether an expecting mother feels scared or prepared as she approaches her due date.

Tongue Tie Surgery

When a family is trying to breastfeed their baby, sometimes it is not as easy or natural as you would expect. Some babies experience tongue and lip “ties” which can cause significant issues with breastfeeding. Unfortunately, the most simple and effective dental surgery to resolve a tie is not covered by OHIP and many families feel unable to continue breastfeeding (which is often the most economical and healthy feeding option). Families who have accessed tie surgery say it made an incredible difference! The cost is approximately $300. By fundraising $1500, you can help Envisage to cover this life-changing surgery for up to 5 families!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I Register to walk?

Click the button above that says “Register to Walk” or click here. We will be in touch with you within the week confirming your registration!

2. How do I Donate towards my friend’s goal? What are the different ways I can donate?

Click the “Donate” button above or click here. Be sure to include your friend’s name or team name so your donation is tracked under their goal. You can donate in a variety of ways, including E-transfer. Your donation will be directly deposited when you send an E-Transfer to or you can use any of the following four methods:

Donate by Phone

Call the Barrie centre at


to make a VISA or Mastercard donation

Donate Online

Use our secure online donation form to give one-time, monthly or tribute and memorial gifts.

Donate by Mail

Please make cheques for the Barrie centre and the South Georgian Bay satellite payable to Envisage Pregnancy Services and mail to Envisage Pregnancy Services, 5 Sophia St. East, Barrie, ON L4M 1Y1

Monthly Pledge

Your preauthorized monthly gift will provide a consistent and much-needed source of support for us to better serve those in distress. Please download the form below and mail it to us. Direct Debit Monthly Pledge Form Credit Card Monthly Pledge Form

3. Can I participate if I can’t walk?

YES! You can promote our walkathon by sharing our social media posts, donate towards a friend or family member’s fundraising goal, and join in our walk day launch video on October 17th at 9:30am to kick off our walk day!

4. Can I still donate if I don’t know anyone who is walking?

YES! We would be thrilled if you would support the families we serve at Envisage whether you know someone who is walking or not. Simply click the donate button above and leave the field asking you for a walker’s name blank… or sign up to walk yourself!

5. Are we walking together?

Unfortunately, due to safety concerns over COVID-19, we are not walking as a large group… however, this allows you to participate WHEREVER you are! You can walk 5km in your own neighbourhood, favourite green space, or even on your treadmill!

6. Can I still participate if I am walking in Walk4Freedom?

Yes! We are aware that the Walk4Freedom is also taking place on October 17th to help end human trafficking and are supportive of this initiative! We do not want supporters to have to choose between Steps for Hope and Walk4Freedom so we are providing the option for those registering to walk in Steps for Hope to choose an alternate walking date. Simply mention your alternate walking date when you register for Steps for Hope and you can still participate in both events!

7. What will Walk Day look like?

9:30am LAUNCH VIDEO: Join us for our launch video to begin our Walk Day and be a part of celebrating the Steps for Hope all of our walkers are taking on October 17th! The link will be posted on our social media pages and this webpage just before the walkathon.

10am STEPS FOR HOPE: Walk 5km wherever you are, wearing green or turquoise as a show of unity with the families Envisage serves and the journeys they are on towards hope. Make sure you post pictures of your walk and tag us on Facebook or Instagram so families can see how many people in our community believe there are Steps to Hope in every journey.

Can’t watch the Launch Video or Walk at those times? That’s okay! You can watch the Launch Video and Walk at any time that works for you!

8. Where can I walk?

ANYWHERE! Whatever community you are in, you can walk in your own neighbourhood, on a favourite walking trail or even on your treadmill!

9. Are you accepting cash donations?

Although we prefer virtual methods of donation due to the risks of handling cash during COVID-19, we will always gratefully receive cash donations at our Barrie Location (5 Sophia St E) during our office hours: Mondays 10am-5pm, Tuesdays 10am-3pm, Wednesdays 10am-5pm, Thursdays 10am-5pm. 

10. I am having trouble registering… what should I do?

You can register to walk here, or you can call 705-739-7280 or email If you experience technical difficulties with the online registration, please feel free to call or email us and we will be happy to register you!

11. Where do I find the launch video?

You can find our launch video on Saturday, October 17th at 9:30am right here! The link will also be posted to our social media pages on facebook, instagram and twitter on the day of the walkathon. If you are registered as a walker, you will also be emailed a link to join the launch video the week before Steps for Hope. Not available at 9:30am? Watch the video at any time that works for you to prepare for your walk!

Follow us on social media to stay up to date on Envisage Steps to Hope! Be sure to tag us in any pictures of your walk and show us what part of Barrie or South Georgian Bay you are walking in!