“When I found out that I was pregnant it was definitely a shock…”

Dawn & Chris weren’t sure where to turn when they found out about their pregnancy.

Teisha had been told she couldn’t become pregnant… but then she did.

Nikita was facing a fourth pregnancy and financial pressure and didn’t know what to do.

We are so honoured to have journeyed with each of these families…

“I went from being completely scared to prepared…”¬†Teisha shared how Envisage helped to prepare her for her birth experience and parenting.

Nikita shared about the support she received, “…maybe I can feel like I can do this.”

Dawn shared, “I honestly don’t think we could have continued with the pregnancy,” without the support of Envisage.

We believe in equipping families for the circumstances they are facing.

We believe in families’ ability overcome overwhelming situations when they are given the support and tools that they need.

We believe there is always hope.